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What Is a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps’ reliance on customized solutions can lead to sprawl, resulting in organizations having large quantities of tools but not necessarily the right tools to solve their problems. By involving practices such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Policy as Code, platform engineering automates many of the solutions to these issues. They can be called developers who are interested in network operations and deployment work. They can be system admins who have a passion for scripting and coding into the development aide where they could improve the planning, testing, and deployment process.

devops engineer meaning

You’ll manage and deliver cloud-based applications and services and the infrastructure that supports them. You might be attracted to the idea of working as a cloud DevOps engineer for many reasons. Maybe you’re interested in the challenge of working in a fast-paced environment, or perhaps you’re attracted to the idea of working with cutting-edge software and cloud computing technologies. Whatever your reasons, you’ll need to consider cloud DevOps engineer certificates and certifications to build your skills and knowledge. In addition, you’ll have to gain some experience to apply for cloud DevOps engineer jobs.

Phase 2: Best-in-class DevOps

In many cases, organizations use a variety of specific, often customized, tools to complete projects using DevOps processes, which creates significant demands on resources. By contrast, platform engineering creates a consistent set of resources that developers share across an organization. By incorporating cloud-based tools such as Docker and Kubernetes into a simple stack, platform engineering streamlines software processes as well as access for developers. Organizations looking to address their challenges with DevOps need to understand what platform engineering is and how it enables an evolution in software development processes. By integrating the work of software developers and IT operations professionals, DevOps processes greatly improved the speed and quality of software development.

  • The quality assurance (QA) team is responsible for finding failures in software.
  • This rise in cloud usage underpins why the number of DevOps engineer roles is increasing and why DevOps, in general, is on the rise.
  • Multidisciplinary teams take accountability for the entire lifecycle of a product.
  • DevOps hiring managers say there is no practical substitute for hands-on experience.
  • With infrastructure and its configuration codified with the cloud, organizations can monitor and enforce compliance dynamically and at scale.

At its simplest, DevOps is about removing the barriers between two traditionally siloed teams, development and operations. In some organizations, there may not even be separate development and operations teams; engineers may do both. With DevOps, the two teams work together to optimize both the productivity of developers and the reliability of operations.

Skills recommended for DevOps engineers include:

The DevOps approach to software development aims for frequent, incremental changes to code versions, which means frequent deployment and testing regimens. Although DevOps engineers rarely code from scratch, they must understand the basics of software development languages and be familiar with the development tools used to create new code or update existing code. The DevOps Training and knowledge of specific tools such as Git, Docker, and Jenkins is a big advantage to bridge the gaps, and get a step devops engineer course closer to becoming a DevOps Engineer. Continuous delivery is a software development practice where code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for a release to production. It expands upon continuous integration by deploying all code changes to a testing environment and/or a production environment after the build stage. When continuous delivery is implemented properly, developers will always have a deployment-ready build artifact that has passed through a standardized test process.

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